A Short Tour of Fortitude

Took advantage of a nice sunny day (and a clean boat!) while rafted up with friends in Andrews Bay to make a quick video tour of the boat. Apologies for totally trailing off at the end, like I had run out of things to say – clearly, need a little more practice with this video stuff. Despite my poor skills and narration, think it gives a good look at the boat!

4 thoughts on “A Short Tour of Fortitude”

  1. Looking good. I am looking for a 40 footer, and see there is a Bluewater 40 in PDX. did you get to look at it? Where can I find info about the design, and builder? thx Gary


    1. Hi Gary. I’m not familiar with the Bluewater in PDX. Looking at it online it appears it needs some little love to bring it back. No engine room pics either which is disappointing.

      Sadly, there isn’t too much info out there on BW40s. A few owners have banded together to share what info we have. Some have posted drawings and build photos on a Facebook group we started for owners and fans. If you’re on FB and interested just search “Bluewater 40 Pilothouse Trawlers” on FB and request to join.

      Additionally in early May there will be a Bluewater Rendezvous in Pouslbo, WA. Should be 5 -6 boats and a few other owners driving in. Good way to meet people and see these boats up close. I’ll be posting more info on the FB group.


      1. I may be the original owner of the 40’ blue water as shown. Can you tell me your hull#? Was this a chain drive up to the fly bridge wheel? Mine was the first FB model that was built by Ta Chiau and was hull # 11. I was a good friend of Norm Milne that provide a very good history of the start of these trawlers. My email is [removed] and my name is Dave Mathew. If you want to pass this along to someone else that may have an interest, feel free to do so.


      2. Dave, that’s incredible. Our FB was a bit of an add-on and used hydraulic steering and morse controls directly to the ER. What year was yours?


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